Google Hooking Folks Up to Watch the Upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse


Here is information from the Official Google Blog about how everyone can view the 100 minute total lunar eclipse that is taking place at 2:20 EDT today.

We’re always fascinated by the unique wonders of space and the world—what can we say, it’s the geek in us! Naturally, when we learned that part of the world will be treated to a rare 100-minute long total lunar eclipse starting at 11:20am PDT today, we were both excited and disappointed that this rare occasion wouldn’t be visible from our Mountain View campus like last year’s eclipse. We suspect we aren’t alone, so you’ll be glad to know that we’ve worked with Slooh Space Camera to let you experience the spectacle wherever you are in the world, in real time.

Take a break from that spreadsheet or presentation you are working on and enjoy this heavenly event.


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